Frequent questions

Where can I buy a Seey frame?

Ask for it at your trusted optician’s, we have a wide network of commercial partners somewhere near you.

Look for them in our PARTNERS section, write their name or select the state of Venezuela where you are.

Your trusted optician is not on our list?
Simple, tell him about us, tell him to register on our page and we will assist him so that he becomes part of our group of business partners.
How does the VISUAL CONSULTATION REMINDER service work?

It’s very simple, you have to register , tell us your name, email and the date you took the eye exam .

Relax and enjoy your life that on the indicated date our team will remind you that it is time to check your eyes again.

Can I update my eye exam date?

If you want to change the date of your exam, reintroduced the data indicating the new date and that’s it . We will do the job for you.

Do you want to be our commercial ally and have seey in your optician or office?

Complete the form in the section I WANT TO BE A COMMERCIAL PARTNER and our team will be happy to contact you.

We will send you the virtual catalogs and you will be able to see all our models.